Kiến trúc trung tâm dữ liệu

Kiến trúc trung tâm dữ liệu của Meraki là kết quả của hơn 6 năm nghiên cứu liên tục và không ngừng phát triển, cho phép ứng dụng các tính năng phong phú ở quy mô cao, và luôn có tính dự phòng và bảo mật cao cho bất kì hệ thống nào dù lớn hay nhỏ.

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Massively scalable distributed architecture

Unlike monolithic systems which present single points of failure and performance chokepoints, Meraki's back-end design spreads computation and storage across independent server clusters. These clusters are provisioned in a manner that provides virtually infinite scaling of back-end resources as customer demand increases. Any server or server cluster can fail without affecting customers or the rest of the system. Meraki's distributed architecture is field-proven in networks serving hundreds of thousands of clients.

Real-time geographic redundancy

Meraki's cloud infrastructure is distributed across multiple datacenters around the world. Each customer's data, including network configuration and historical statistics, is replicated across at least three independent datacenters. Customer data is replicated between datacenters in near real time. If an entire datacenter was to be rendered unavailable due to a natural disaster or other major disruption, customers' networks would simply migrate to another datacenter, with all user data available and up to date. This redundancy and failover is entirely transparent to the network administrator, and all networks, big and small, achieve ultra-high levels of reliability out of the box.

Proprietary high-capacity cloud database

In order to store rich, fine-grained metrics for millions of client devices, Meraki developed a proprietary database optimized for speed, scalability, and reliability. Like ultra-large scale Internet services including Google and Facebook, Meraki's database workload exceeds the limits of traditional, off-the-shelf data storage solutions. Meraki's datastore exceeds 10 billion rows — including fine grained usage metrics for the millions of end-users who have connected to Meraki networks. Meraki's database technology, purpose-built for large scale cloud managed networks, provides real-time search and reporting for networks of any size.

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