Theo dõi ứng dụng ở Lớp 7

Khả năng xem và theo dõi ở Lớp 7 trước đây chỉ có ở các thiết bị mạng đắt tiền, hiện được Meraki tích hợp vào switch chuyên nghiệp Meraki MS mà không phải trả thêm phí. Hàng trăm ứng dụng được nhận diện và báo cáo tự động, từ các ứng dụng kinh doanh đến BitTorrent và YouTube.

WAN Optimization Bandwidth Chart

Packet processing engine

A modular and flexible packet processing engine delivers consistent, high-performance application traffic analysis within product families and across product lines. Based on the same custom-built Layer 7 technology featured in Meraki wireless APs and Security Appliances, MS Switches use a variety of techniques to identify, classify, and report hundreds of applications.

Deep packet inspection

Going far beyond IP addresses, hostnames, and ports, Layer 7 deep packet inspection uses heuristics-based identification to classify traffic based on application, even identifying evasive, dynamic, and encapsulated apps. High performance hardware enables inspection and classification at line-rate within Meraki switches. Application utilization is displayed graphically, with additional detail available, making it simple to see what is happening on your network at a glance. Reporting ensures you can track trends in application use over time so you can plan your network’s evolution and ensure it supports the organization's needs.

Cloud-based application signatures

Meraki's cloud-based application signature database is constantly updated to identify new and changing applications, without requiring the administrator to download and install software updates. Meraki's cloud-based architecture continually learns based on activity from Meraki's thousands of customers and millions of users, increasing the accuracy and precision of application fingerprints.

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