CMX Location Analytics

CMX, Cisco's location analytics and engagement solution, displays real-time location statistics to improve customer engagement and loyalty across sites. Data collected by intelligent Meraki APs is synced with the Meraki cloud, automatically reported in the dashboard, and exported to third-party applications via the CMX location API.

Virtual stacking

Intelligent APs collect probe statistics

Meraki access points collect information from nearby smart devices, enabling location-based analytics. WiFi probe request details like access point MAC, probing client MAC, time stamps, and RSSI information are gathered in real time and then processed by the Meraki cloud. MAC addresses identify returning visitors, probe requests establish visit duration, and RSSI information are used to distinguish passers-by from visitors.

Location-based insights drive revenue

The Meraki dashboard presents location-based performance indicators including capture rate, median visit length, repeat visit rate, total number of visitors, and total visits for a given site. View simplified or detailed graphs of captured data — sliced by day, week, or month — for a user-specified date range. Use the insights gleaned from CMX data to better engage customers, increase retail store traffic, and drive revenue.

Location API gives unlimited flexibility

The CMX location API uses real-time HTTPS POSTs of JSON objects to deliver raw data to customers’ analytics applications, making the collection and manipulation of location data flexible. By integrating Meraki’s location API with back-end CRM, retailers can drive in-store customer engagement with notifications to staff or the delivery of targeted customer offers.