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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cloud Meraki reliable? What if there is an information security problem?

Trusted because it has recognized and favored many uses. Currently Meraki is achieving Best Sales! • International-level Data Center built by Google, continued to be developed by Cisco • 9 Data Center (back-up 8 times, absolutely safe) Safe: • Fully meeting HIPAA / PCI information security standard (level 1 certified - first level) • Using a Third Party Cyber Security for inspection • Daily vulnerability / vulnerability check. • User data is stored locally on Meraki network devices and encrypted to ensure information safety Constantly evolving • About product & management features, responding to user requests & new trends

When the Meraki License expires, will the system be usable again?

When the License expires, it is necessary to purchase a new License to use the full technical support package from the Firm, including: - Increase warranty for hardware equipment (MR indoor, MX, MS) according to the new 01-for-01 policy (when damaged) - Upgrade the device's firmware periodically to ensure stable and efficient operation - Upgrade new features on the Management Interface - following the world technology trend 24/7 technical support consulting via hotline or email directly from Cisco. * The good news is that the License renew package is only 1/2 to 1/3 of the initial investment cost to continue to have 3 - 5 years of effective use and warranty for device renewal. Save about 30% - 50% in the cost of long-distance reinvestment. * For other solutions when the license runs out, if you do not buy a supplement, you will not get technical support from the company and are not guaranteed information security. And after 4-5 years, the customer will also spend 100% of the reinvestment amount for effective use. Utilizing systems that are used after 4-5 years without upgrading or reinvesting normally the network will degrade and decrease capacity significantly, with no security and frequent breakdowns (not meeting standards of the business).

How does Cisco Meraki warranty?

Cisco Meraki warranty 01 new 01 for the model Meraki MX / MS and MR indoor under the License package you purchased. For example: If you buy a 5-year license, you are guaranteed 01 new 01 for 5 years. It is very easy to control the long-distance investment cost because it certainly does not cost any more during the 5 years.

If buying Meraki equipment in different batches, how & when to add the license package later?

You can choose one of two ways: Renew License according to each batch of AP purchased (Per-device License), or combine all devices and balance the License terms to have the same 01 expiration date and renew License. Co-term License - depending on your Unit's budget and policies.

How is Cloud management better than traditional management (on premise)?

There are many advantages of cloud management by Meraki-Enterprise: - Very intuitive network management anytime, anywhere (IT less moves) - Centralized management of many branches / facilities (no geographic limit) - Unlimited number of managed APs on Cloud Controller - Synchronize network policy for the entire Group / Company - Reduce management time, less incidents & faster troubleshooting - Reduced administration and operating costs (thanks to Site-to-Site VPN with WAN optimize) - The system is always upgraded periodically, always at the forefront of new technology & features - Easy to decentralize management in the Group according to Organization & network

If you want to upgrade the hardware of wifi equipment to a higher standard, but the old license is still there, can it be used again?

Cisco Meraki allows you to take advantage of the old license, in case customers need to upgrade wifi equipment, customers only need to buy hardware equipment.

Can Meraki have a solution to connect VPN to Cloud Amazon?

Yes, it is very convenient and easy to automatically connect the VPN to Cloud Amazon, the cost is extremely reduced.

License WiFi Meraki charged on device or per person?

Cisco Meraki WiFi License is calculated on AP devices, not per user (you want to use as many Users as you want, just within the range of the device hardware). In addition, License is also a long-term warranty package for AP devices.

Are there different License prices for Meraki MR models?

License price for Meraki MR WiFi models is the same, 1 WiFi License can be applied to any model. The only difference is: short term or long term package (1 year, 3 years, 5 years, ...)

How far is Meraki AP wave?

Meraki AP waves can transmit from 20m - 1km radius according to reality (depending on the model you choose for the purpose & usage environment). We always survey and recommend the most suitable design for where your Client is, the Client can shake hands with the AP. But Meraki is even more unique in the Smart Mesh network, which gives Roaming very stable and smooth. The Meraki APs are versatile: gateway, repeater, bridge, .. If the internet signal (but also electricity) is lost, the Gateway automatically converts to a repeater that still works normally without creating a dead point !!

Can Cisco Meraki Cloud manage other brands' equipment?

Cisco Meraki manages all of Meraki's devices in the cloud, not other brands of equipment.

How is Cisco Meraki Switch different from other traditional switches?

- Cisco Meraki Switch supports automatic network Topology drawing on your real-time management and update system. - Automated remote port & cable management (estimated cable length, transmission quality & safety) - Monitor applications running through each port, and alert when you see unusual problems from traffic passing Allows quick configuration of thousands of Port / VLANs at the same time remotely, searching port / VLAN is easy - Allow Virtual Stacking between Switches

Can Meraki Security appliance have a VPN with 3rd-Party? Example: Meraki VPN site2site Fortinate / SonicWall / PaloAlto .....

Allow a normal VPN, but the configuration is more complex, and doesn't take advantage of Meraki's Auto VPN feature. If using Meraki firewall synchronization, the configuration is very fast & simple; In addition, you automatically get SD-WAN (enhanced site to site VPN speed and stability and high security just like MPLS).

What is the outstanding security capabilities of Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) compared to other brands?

Many versions and types of Malware attack threats have been developed by hackers for hours to target end users. Therefore, a powerful and specific solution is needed. There are many solutions to this problem. However, as a leading conglomerate in network technology, Cisco AMP is a solution that stands out from other brands. By approach, detection, monitoring, blanket and feedback create a comprehensive protection of terminals and mobile devices from network threats before (before), while (during). ) and after (after) of the attack. In particular, the cloud-managed management following the current globalization trend of Cisco AMP helps managers easily use, businesses minimize investment and operating costs. achieve optimal performance.

If you already have an external firewall at the highest standard to protect, and have anti-virus programs installed on the Client, do you need to install Umbrella & AMP?

Firewall only protects when you are still in the network, when you leave the corporate network and access the internet outside, you are still at a large "risk" by malicious code attack. The anti-virus program can only remove viruses / malicious codes with well-identified identities; but with the new sophisticated Ransomware, it can camouflage "sneak" in and destroy all your data without the antivirus program identifying it.

Use Router Firewall at any level to secure the network safely?

It is recommended that you use Enterprise Level Firewall (Enterprise) routers, often referred to as UTM (Unified threat management) devices that provide more diverse functions. There are also Firms called Security Appliance (like Cisco Meraki Security Appliance). For the highest security, you should choose to buy a device and a license that provides optimal security features such as Content Filtering, IDS / IPS, Anti-Virus / Anti-phising.

Cisco video conference just need to buy software is used? or must have hardware?

You can purchase Cisco WebEx (software at a soft cost) to be able to hold online meetings for hundreds of individuals at the same time. Or buy additional hardware (Room Kit Cisco) to have meeting rooms for many people sitting in the main meeting rooms and License WebEx for individual robots to attend.

Is there Video conference software specifically applied for E-learning?

We have a few softwares that can be applied to E-learning effectively. You can contact our Sales Department or Technical Consulting (Presales) for more specific advice according to your needs.

Does Cisco WebEx Software allow interaction with other online meeting software?

Cisco WebEx allows video conferencing software to interact and run on its platform.

Currently, what is online conferencing software available on the market?

There are a number of brands that are commonly used in Vietnam such as Cisco WebEx, MS Team, Zoom, Skype-Business, ... In which, Cisco WebEx is supporting more advanced features, while Zoom is easy to use but are worried about security by the market.

Currently our company is using an analog switchboard system that wants to slowly convert to IP-Phone, so the PBX solution can be designed to support both IP-Phone and Analog so that customers can switch slowly, are not ?

The new PBX system can support parallel between IP-Phone and Analog to help customers switch slowly and take advantage of the old phone system.

Can the new generation PBX system support multi-point voice?

The new generation PBX system itself supports the conversational meeting feature. Customers can configure the staff to create a conference room with participants on the desk phone.

Our hotel is using an old generation TV system, is there any way to take advantage of these TVs to deploy an IP-TV system to help reduce investment costs?

The new generation IP-TV solution is extremely flexible in utilizing customers' old infrastructure. After surveying and getting actual requirements, DWN technical team will advise suitable IP-TV solutions and make the most of the old infrastructure.

Our hotel needs to buy more international TV channels for guests to stay, can DWN support this.

Absolutely, if required, you just need to contact DWN.

Can the camera system be used for other requirements besides recording?

Yes, for a smart camera system not only to store images but also analyze images according to the specific requirements of the installation area (Camera AI).

How to choose the right camera line without wasting?

This issue between DWN and customers will sit together to consider each specific area, from which DWN will advise on choosing the right camera line for each area to be installed to monitor.

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