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How does Location Tracking help during Covid pandemic?

Not only globally, but our country is also facing a very dangerous and worrying recurrence of Covid. The latest epidemic has started at Da Nang Hospital and spread to other provinces and cities. Each moving F1 - F2 factor has a high chance of spreading the pathogen, so if you can capture the target's movement history, the quarantine will be extremely good for prevention.

Cisco Meraki WiFi solution allows integration with the unique Location Tracking feature, you can instantly "real time" know how Clients move and to where within 1 coverage area, from there. easily localize the next F1 and F2 in your area.

* Location Tracking Meraki Diagram:

In addition, this feature, when app with Beacon and Bluetooth on mobile can be applied to other activities to automatically interact between the customer's mobile device and the Audience Beacon that you want to interact with. For example: Applying in a large painting gallery, through a Beacon mounted near the painting area, when visitors come near the painting, their device will automatically pop-up on the information page about that painting (author Who is fake, draw when, what is idea? is there a copy version? ..vv ...).

This feature can also be applied to the Shopping Mall to help automatically promote to customers at the right time, right person, right item of interest. This option can also help reduce marketing staff to offer & recommend products to the customers at Shopping Mall. Very unique!

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