Diversified smart IT-Solutions that meet ALL your needs

Diversified smart IT-Solutions that meet ALL your needs

No matter what field you are at, we have FULL comprehensive network solutions applied for Enterprise or SMB customers.

SD-WAN technology, inevitable direction!

The current development trend of dynamic companies / groups is to expand many branches (site), base (branch) to expand the market and development opportunities. That also brings difficulties for IT Team to manage comprehensively, safely & centrally due to geographical distance.
To meet the above requirement, Cisco Meraki has come up with a unique SD-WAN based wide area networking solution, which can help overcome distances with just a few mouse clicks. That's thanks to Cisco Meraki's SD-WAN technology that ensures the following core elements:

1. Automatic: Thanks to the built-in auto VPN feature, Cisco Meraki Security Appliance (MX) supports IT people to deploy Full Mesh VPN system in a series of seconds. If using old technology in the past, configuring VPN between sites took a lot of time and effort. Especially in industries with a constantly expanding number of store branches (such as retail chains), system deployment can take weeks or months .... Cisco Meraki MX Auto VPN technology helps cut down up to 90% of your time & effort. Great, excellent, wonderfull!

2. Safety: One of the concerns of IT people is how to ensure safety when transferring data between branches. The Cisco Meraki MX solution provides an encryption mechanism for data transferred between sites to ensure information security. In addition, the Cisco Meraki MX security device is also integrated with an intrusion detection and prevention system "IPS / IDS". Anti-virus system AMP.

3. Stable: The technology applied on the Cisco Meraki MX security device is capable of monitoring the quality of the VPN transmission channel between sites. In case the data transmission speed is slow on one WAN line, the system will automatically switch to a better quality WAN link at that time. This process is completely automated and requires no intervention from an operator IT team.

4. Savings: For old technology, businesses that want to ensure the safety and stability when connecting between sites must invest in MPLS transmission with high monthly cost. The SD-WAN technology on Cisco Meraki MX devices helps to solve the problem. Enterprises can take advantage of FTTH transmission at a much cheaper cost but still ensure safety and stability for the whole system. Since then, SDWAN Meraki helps save more than 70% of transmission costs. A business problem too optimal !!

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** DWN is also offering a special price subsidy program for first time customers using Meraki, or customers who have already used a large new project. Along with many other attractive Programs, do not miss the opportunity! **

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