Diversified smart IT-Solutions that meet ALL your needs

Diversified smart IT-Solutions that meet ALL your needs

No matter what field you are at, we have FULL comprehensive network solutions applied for Enterprise or SMB customers.

What is Smart WiFi Solution?

If the conventional wifi solution in the past focused on how far radio "shot" waves (?), The development of today's progressive information technology gives a definition for a completely intelligent wifi system. different:

1. "Stability" must be high: the most important foundation for stability lies in the "smart mesh" mechanism. As far as we are familiar with our configuration-based mesh technologies (deciding on routing between AP pairs), Cisco Meraki WLAN (MR) has raised "mesh routing" to "automatic" (as long as As APs are in the same network, they will automatically "mesh" hands together) create a "network" with thick coverage & the most effective roaming mechanism.

In addition, thanks to unique features such as "self-configuring", automatic wave recovery (self-healing), automatic user load-balancing and automatic alarm. Self-notifying (only Cisco Meraki Access point) is most effectively integrated, helping to improve operational proactivity and responsiveness in handling situations, making the system even more stable and secure.
In particular, optimizing for "stability" also depends on "controlling" the "user" side of the behavior. In the era of wireless application on WiFi platform (billions of types of wireless terminals), more and more mobile devices are joining the enterprise WiFi network with hundreds of applications. to work and play. Your "technology-stable" platforms could be "shaken" if the wifi system does not support User Application Control (Application Control). The Cisco Meraki WLAN has put this mechanism in great detail! Not only at the bandwidth management level of each application, the Application Control feature of Cisco Meraki WLAN also gathers and analyzes information across the system to produce detailed statistical reports on the amount of bandwidth occupied. of each specific application. This is a great tool to support IT proactively in long-term stable network operation.

2. Have a regular WiFi health assessment tool: Wireless Health - also known as Cisco Meraki's WiFi access monitoring & evaluation mechanism, is considered a remarkable step forward of Cloud technology from Cisco. When a WiFi system expands with tens / hundreds of access point devices and several hundred / thousand devices accessing, the number of log files will be a huge number during the operation of the system. So the smart WiFi system needs to support this mechanism to analyze & collect these fie logs and automatically send the results to the administrator.
Cisco Meraki WLAN has integrated Wireless Health feature free of charge for customers to use. Thereby, the administrator will get an overview and answer 2 big questions (Is my WiFi system working? If not, what is the problem, what device is in the system? ?). It's breathtaking! Customers do not need to invest in any Server system or software to have this superior management capability. In contrast, Wireless Health also helps to reduce operating costs and reduce management burden.

3. Self-control of the environment & self-regulation: One of the other extremely important criteria of a smart WiFi system is that the Access Point device itself must have a "check &" mechanism during its operation. analysis "surroundings to self-regulate their own activities to optimize capacity.
To turn the idea into reality, Cisco Meraki has successfully integrated the special 3rd Radio on its smart Access Points. With this dedicated 3rd Radio, the Cisco Meraki Access Point device is capable of scanning the surroundings to capture the Brand, distance, speed & channel of other nearby WiFi systems; thereby automatically switching channels & optimizing themselves to help Cisco Meraki devices operate stably in a variety of deployment environments. Also thanks to the performance of the 3rd Radio and the Air Marshal feature, the Cisco Meraki WLAN system enhances network security from scanning the surroundings without affecting the capacity and user payload.

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