Diversified smart IT-Solutions that meet ALL your needs

Diversified smart IT-Solutions that meet ALL your needs

No matter what field you are at, we have FULL comprehensive network solutions applied for Enterprise or SMB customers.

Switch infrastructure consolidation, centralized control

How many people in IT life can avoid the difficulties of managing complex cable infrastructure & network ports! Especially with large and complex systems such as 01 sprawling factory, 01 high-rise hotel, 01 university (dispersed), or 01 hospital with many buildings ...., Switch infrastructure is cumbersome & confusion is more challenging for network administrators, the focus is on the following two major issues:

1. How to correctly grasp the model of the whole network (Topology) when the number of devices is increasing?

With a network model of several tens to several hundred complex connection devices, IT operators face a huge challenge in configuring and managing hundreds of network ports & network cables, making it harder to grasp the exact model. updating of the whole system, because it is natural to change the connection pattern during the operation.

To solve this problem, Cisco Meraki integrated into its switch system the unique Network Topology feature. Thereby, the network administrator will easily understand the details of the overall connection model of the whole operating system, and any changes in the connection will be automatically updated by the system. The operator IT team can easily grasp the network structure while at the same time monitoring system performance on specific port switches.

In addition, the Cisco Meraki Switch (MS) enables intuitive network port & cable management automatically. It allows you to measure relatively accurately the length of a network cable, stability in transmission and automatically alarm you if the network port or network cable is substandard or faulty. This alone frees IT up a lot of miscellaneous problems from network cables & ports.

2. In case of an error causing network congestion, how long does it take to find the problem and the solution to handle it?
Not only preeminent in network model management, Cisco Meraki switch solution also provides detailed bandwidth management mechanism on each network port on the system. IT personnel can monitor the bandwidth flow between switches and detect a problem or an abnormality in time and report it back to the network administrator.

When an error occurs on the infrastructure, the IT staff can quickly analyze and localize the faulty area for easy handling.
In particular, these preeminent features of the Cisco Meraki switches do not require any physical server or 3rd party software to operate.

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